Ushanka - Rabbit Fur Russian Hat - White : Russian Rabbit Fur Hat - White - With Army Red Star Badge

Russian Fur Hat - White - Army Badge (Rabbit)

Russian Fur Hat - White - Army Badge (Rabbit)


Rabbit fur hats are part of trendy head accessories. The rabbit fur has the property to stay warm in the severe frost and windy climates. Natural rabbit fur has the quality of endurance and it is very durable. However, the black fur hat and other types of men’s fur hat, women fur hat and accessories made from rabbit skin are very fragile and delicate. So, you should be very careful to save your warm winter hat from destroying. You can buy Russian winter hat made by rabbit, sheepskin and faux fur from our reputable and recognized web store to enjoy the warmness in the freezing temperatures.
Since, the rabbit fur hats are very delicate they need good cleaning or maintenance after some time. Many people prefer to buy black fur hat as compared to other lighter colored or natural color fur hats but even the darkest colors need proper cleaning to get the dust out. If you want to clean your rabbit fur hat by yourself in the comfort of your home then there are many easy to follow and acceptable methods. You can gather all the things that are required for the cleaning and removal of dust and stains. However, if you have very dusty light colored or dark brittle hat take the help of a professional furrier.
Before you begin the cleaning procedure of your Cossack hat or other type of natural rabbit fur hat, you should take a few precautionary measures. Try to use a white fabric to clean the hat because the colored fabric can bleed and dye can run and transfer on the other object when wet. You can blot spills with a clean white fabric and avoid using the tissue paper. It may be difficult to clean the residues of tissue paper from the thick layer of natural fibers.
Russian fur hat made from rabbit fur need special storage environment and procedure. Do not just leave the natural fur hat hanging on the rack for a long time. It will attract dust and lose natural shine. After a while, the hat will lose its tendency to give soft and supple feeling. It will become hard, brittle and dull. You cannot wash the natural fibers in a washing machine. Rabbit fur hats can lose their shape and get damaged. Also, do not put them in clothes drying machine. They can be washed by hand and then stored properly in the hatbox ready for the next winters. Many people use the vacuum cleaners to clean the rabbit fur that is again very damaging for the quality of fur.
All you need is to get cornstarch and soft horsehair brush to clean you natural fiber hat. Sprinkle the cornstarch generously on your warm winter hat made from rabbit fur. It will remove the stains of oil and soak all the oily substances. Leave the hat aside for a couple of days. Afterwards, bring the hat outside in the open and shake the hat vigorously. It will remove the cornstarch and the remaining can be cleaned with the help of a soft brush. Apply gentle strokes and clean your warm winter hat easily.

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