Mouton Sheepskin with Leather Russian Ushanka Hat : Mens Fur Hat - Black Ushanka & MVD Badge - Mouton Sheepskin

Mens Fur Hat - Black Ushanka & MVD Badge - Mouton Sheepskin

Mens Fur Hat - Black Ushanka & MVD Badge - Mouton Sheepskin


High quality Russian military fur hat. Mouton sheepskin with natural leather top.

For many centuries superb leather and fur clothes were very much in demand, especially in cold climates. One of the brightest representatives of such countries is Russia. After all, many people there resort to a variety of warm leather and fur clothes to look stylish and fashionable.

One of the brightest parts of the clothing during the cold months of the year is winter hats, which give their owners not only heat but also personality. In addition, it is worth noting that hats and leather goods are one of the most important parts of most winter collections of known fashion houses. And there are not only women but also men's winter hats of exclusive quality in our store.

Temperature extremes, even such as +20 C in a room and 0 C on the street, are very harmful to the vessels of the head and hair, so it is not recommended to ignore wearing winter hats. Natural Mouton Fur and Leather Russian Ushanka Hats are not only warm, protect your head from unpleasant rain, but also give the appearance of elegance, the image of a successful man. Russian proverb says: "People are met by their looks, and seen off by the mind." Mind is laid in our genes and educated by parents, but "looks" - is something that is subject to change, which depends on us - it can be bought.

Men's Russian Ushanka Hats got their name because of the turn-down "ears" in the form of a raised related to the crown. If necessary, the "ears" can be dropped down along with the lapel on your head, protecting from cold and wind ears and cheeks and chin part of man.

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