Yellow Fur Hat : Ushanka + Soviet Officer Badge 2 - yellow

Ushanka + Soviet Officer Badge 2 - yellow

Ushanka + Soviet Officer Badge 2 - yellow


Russian Fur Hat – For Fashion, Style and Comfort
Russian fur hat or Ushanka is the symbol or typical image of a native that belonged to the former USSR. It was easy to spot them in the movies where the character, mostly villains, wore the Russian winter hat to signify his identity. Many caricature artists also used the Russian winter hat to draw their cartoon figures and illustrations. This particular fur hat was part of uniform of Soviet military and gained its popularity few decades ago. Many countries like Germany copied the design of fur hat and made it a compulsory part of their military uniform as well.
The original Russian fur hat style has some unique features. The earflaps can be tied on top of the crown or tied beneath your chin area to give comfort and warmth. You can also tie the ear flaps at the back of your head to create third unique style. Ushanka looks great on both men and women. The artificial fur hat is perfect for the babies and children to keep them warm in the winter and snowy weather.
Ushanka is now a fashion statement for the elite and fashion conscious people. Many renowned designers and several big brands have used the faux fur hat in their hottest collections for the winter season. Original skin hats were popular in the past in China, Mongolia and North Korea. Some of the other parts of the world including Canada where the temperature can go way below sub zero degrees the fur hat with earflaps was not only a luxury but a necessity. For the sake of record, the late medieval and renaissance artists used this Russian fur hat in their paintings.
Ushanka is also called shapka and the materials used in the past were sheep or lambskin, arctic fox, mink and rabbit or muskrat furs. High ranking soviet officials used to wear lambskin hats while the soldiers were provided with artificial fur hat or faux fur hat. The earflaps of the hat provided shelter from cold winter winds and protected the neck portion as well. The padding in the inner portion of the Russian fur hat was also used for protecting the head from injuries and provided warmth.

You can find many colors in the faux fur hat in our store. The materials and styles can add unique touch to your overall appearance. You do not have to wear ugly hats for the winter. Wear ushanka to look ravishing and stylish. The artificial fur hat can go with all types of clothing and look amazing in the winter with warm heavy garments. The Russian fur hat is available for sale at numerous online shopping portals and you can easily find them at any boutique or hat store. Wear shapka or the beautiful fur hat to create unique impression and add zest to your whole attire. You can add varios army badges available in our store. Order the Russian hat for your spouse, artificial fur hat for your daughter, aviator for your son or trooper hat for you.

Most our ushanka hats are unisex - great gift for both - men and ladies.
The badge is metal. Will be included but not attached to the hat.

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