Ushanka - Rabbit Fur Russian Hat - White : Rabbit Fur Hat - White - Russian Winter Trapper Hat Ushanka

Rabbit Fur Hat - White - Russian Winter Hat Ushanka

Rabbit Fur Hat - White - Russian Winter Hat Ushanka


Russian Ushanka Hat Bomber with Two-Headed Eagle - Imperial Crest - Russian Military Uniform Hat Badge.

Trendy, Affordable and Available – Rabbit Fur Hats
Rabbit Fur aviator and Cossack hat is the sign of fashion consciousness and pride. Rabbit fur hats are available in a wide range of colors and styles. You can select from black fur hat, white, grey or brown and many more colors to look and appear your best. You can stand above the crowd by wearing the most stylish head accessories that include the Russian winter hat made from rabbit skin. Women and children can also enjoy wearing the warm winter hat and other accessories for the head. The warm earflaps of the cozy natural rabbit fur hat make a real knockout style.
The lining of the rabbit fur hats is made with durable materials. The quilted lining includes the protective padding. The padding is helpful to keep your head from being injured and provides protection against the elements. The premium outwears like the natural rabbit fur hat features earflaps. The earflaps can be up or left lose to create a unique appearance. The feature of earflaps is common in the Russian winter hat collection. These types of hats also known as shapka or ushanka are common to the people living in extremely cold regions.
Men’s fur hat and women’s fur hat look like the same. There is no visible distinction so they can also be called unisex fur hats. Warm winter hat with earflap is a common accessory for the babies and children. You can find the natural rabbit fur hat only at specialty shops, exclusive boutiques and at online shopping portals. Natural fibers are always rare and costly but the rabbit fur is known to be an inexpensive material.
Rabbit fur can be dyed to resemble any other type of natural fur such as mink, beaver or muskrat. It is known as the imitator. The fur of the rabbit is obtained from the specially raised rabbits in the farms. The rabbits are killed for the food purpose and the fur is obtained for preparing high quality and costly clothing and head accessories. A number of treatments are used to prepare the rabbit skin such as shearing, plucking and dyeing. Rabbit fur can be left natural or not dyed to make a number of clothing items and winter fur hat.
You can familiarize with the types of natural leathers and fur. Mink, rabbit, fox and other wild animal fur is used for making popular ushanka or men’s fur hat and other garments that are very popular. Unlike the rabbit fur hat, other fur materials are more expensive and rare such as sable and chinchilla fur but rabbit skin is equally good to provide warmth and comfort. Before buying the natural rabbit fur hat make sure you know how you will wear it. You can wear the rabbit fur hat along with casual and semi formal party wear. Cossack hat looks great when paired with denim while the aviator hat can be worn with leather jackets. You can select any type of winter fur hat to complete your winter wardrobe and fulfill the needs of latest fashion.

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