Mouton Sheepskin - Full Fur - Premium Russian Hat : Trapper Hat - Full Fur Mouton Sheepskin - Bomber Hat - Great Ski Hat!

Trapper Hat - Full Fur Mouton Sheepskin  - Black Bomber Hat - with Soviet NAVY Pin Badge

Trapper Hat - Full Fur Mouton Sheepskin - Black Bomber Hat - with Soviet NAVY Pin Badge


Icy cold climate can bring for people winter chills. However, there is trapper hat can bring the remedy to comfort most people. This is a kind of Russian hat, which is worn in many places such as Eastern Europe. It is a fashionable remedy due to the chilly cold weather. The bomber hat or the Russian fur hat is greatly noted for its protection and warmth. Fur versions of these hats can be made with fur of different animals such as fox, rabbit, mink, bear, and many more. Thus, it comes with earflaps, which are worn easily along with the attached tie to secure below one’s chin. Wearing of these hats vary with different designs and styles. This article will give you various helpful tips on how to easily wear this type of hat.

Here’s how to do it. Upon using this hat with earflaps, you have to untie first the earflaps. Then place it over your head and tie both flaps below your chin. Thus, the flaps cover your ears while forehead flap is over your forehead. Securely pull down the earflaps hat until one’s head touches the upper side of the hat. Moreover, you have to take the hat’s extending string from the two earflaps then tie together both of the strings under one’s chin.

As we all know, this hat is commonly called as the ear hat. It is no match for helmets since it generally offers superior protection against packed snow or ice than the typical beanie cap. So, it can be a perfect ski hat!!!

Historical Use:

Trapper hat or bomber hat have the standard significance during the many centuries. These are made of animal fur, which is known is Germany, Russia and Scandinavia. The ancient Scythians and different Central Asian Nomads use these hats. These are also used in Arctic region. However, in 20th century, the standard modern type was developed and is massively used only in Russia.

Sheepskin hat is more comfortable than other kinds of fur hats. These are usually having thermostat, which has more efficiency to deliver heat down through your body. This is not actually expensive. Be reminded that, there are also manufacturers, which are using artificial fur. It was often called as the fish fur. The typical and simplest type of artificial wool is the wool pile.

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