Soviet Army Ushanka : Soviet Military Army Ushanka - Russian Fur Hat with Flaps

Soviet Military Ushanka - Winter Fur Hat & Soldier Badge

Soviet Military Ushanka - Winter Fur Hat & Soldier Badge


Genuine Soviet Army Soldier Winter Ushanka Fur Hat With Badge. Unused Soviet Military Surplus.

Please note that nowadays large sizes of this hat are very hard to find. Size 62 that we offer here is a new made reproduction hat. It is made using old Soviet patterns, on an old factory that have been manufacturing ushanka hats for a long time. But still there is a slight difference with the original hat.

Almost one hundred years ago, this hat was just a practical Russian military headdress, which helped soldiers to keep their heads warm even during the most severe Russian winters. And now this part of the wardrobe is not just a warm hat, but also a stylish accessory and a good gift for a friend.
Today's fashion has one more time returned to the roots and today Russian ushanka has become one of the most popular winter accessories, which are equally worn both by men and by women. The designers' imagination helps them to create trendy and original models of this headdress, which previously has had only the stereotypic image associated with a Russian man in the ushanka, felt boots and coat. Today everyone can find an ushanka-hat of his or her taste, and of course pick up a hat of any colour and style.
The popularity of this russian fur hat is not surprising, because despite becoming a trendy accessory, the ushanka-hat remains to be a very comfortable and warm hat. The ushanka hat reliably protects not only the head from frost, but it saves ears from cold and wind as well. This effect is achieved by the fact that the hat is equipped with so-called "ears" that are tied close to the head. When they are not needed, "ears" can be attached to the top of the cap. And when you face a strong wind, you can unbind the ears and put them down and your ears and neck will be carefully protected from bad weather.
This hat is also popular among both fashionmongers and fans of outdoor activities, winter hunting, and fishing. Wearing this hat, you can leave the house without fear to chill your head and ears and be confident that you look great and trendy.

Please note:
Size 62 hats are a new made reproduction, made in Ukraine at an old hat factory that have been manufacturing fur hats
for a very long time. Using old Soviet patterns and very similar materials.
All other sizes are original Soviet surplus.

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