Sheepskin Hat - Lambskin Fur Ushanka - Black - with Cloth Top : Sheepskin Hat

Russian Sheepskin Hat - Ushanka - Original Military Uniform - Red Star Badge

Russian Sheepskin Hat - Ushanka - Original Military Uniform - Red Star Badge


Look Classy and Different – Wear Sheepskin Hat - Ushanka

An Ushanka is a traditional head accessory and it has turned into a significant symbol of fashion. Russian fur hat, which is extremely warm to grip the cold Russian winters has captured the world of fashion and now a must have component for every stylish being who ever wished to mark his or her presence in crowd. The Russian headgear or hat with earflaps is available at numerous online portals. You can buy from large collections of hats in plethora of styles, colors and designs. You can buy them and bestow upon your favorite uncle or cousin and also keep sheepskin hat in your personal wardrobe.
Wearing earflaps hat is more than a fashion statement. The fur hat will protect your ears, nape and top of the backside of the neck, and the flaps that can be tied under your chin will provide warmth in the worst of elements. Similar designer hats were familiar throughout China, Eastern Europe, North Korea, and the previous USSR before hitting the fashion streets of Paris, New York and Milan.

Ushankas worn by the former Soviet soldiers commonly made from artificial fur became a part of civilian attire very soon after they were introduced to the military men. The hat with earflaps made of real fur was only meant for officers and chief military officials. With the passage of time, anyone can have the privilege of wearing real sheepskin hat. Ushanka also made from many types of faux fur leathers looks very much close to real rabbit, mink, muskrat and arctic fox fur hats.

in short, Russian fur hat will keep you comfortable and relaxed all winter long but also pronounce you as fashion conscious soul. It offers three variations to the user who can choose to wear them in unique manner. Get a bomber hat or trapper hat for you to look classy and different this season.

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