Sheepskin Hat - Lambskin Fur Ushanka - Black - with Cloth Top : Sheepskin Hat - Trapper - Ushanka

Sheepskin Trapper Hat with Cloth top - Russian Eagle Badge

Sheepskin Trapper Hat with Cloth top - Russian Eagle Badge


The sheepskin hat - ushanka is a traditional and still very stylish Russian hat for cold weather, which was designed specially for Russian frosts. It is extremely warm and has convenient ear flaps, which can be turned up and tied at the top or back of the head or turned down and tied under the chin. These ear flaps help top protect your chicks, ears and chin from cold and wind. The very word “ushanka” can be translated from Russian as “hat with ears”.
The hats, similar to ushanka, were found also in China, Eastern Europe and North Korea. Though the hat became famous only in the former USSR.
The ushankas were designed for Soviet soldiers, while they had to deal with extremal weather conditions, that is why they were made specially for such purpose. Soldiers' ushanka hats were usually made of artificial fur, and officers' were made of sheepskin or mouton. Today, due to high popularity of ushankas in fashion world, they are also made of such sorts of fur, as rabbit, polar fox, mink, fox, and muskat. Moreover, current fashion trends offer various designs of ushankas, as well as various colors and materials.
Nevertheless, the classical ushanka remains the best headdress ever invented. A cozy Russian hat will keep you warm and comfortable during winter, and make you look stylish. Thanks to its construction, you can tie ear flaps either at the top, or at the back of the head, or under the chin – and get 3 different stylish looks. Also, ushanka fits almost to any outwear.
This hat has been tested over centuries by hard Russian frosts and can be called really the best ever hat in this world. Get it now and you will never be afraid of winter colds.

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