Ushanka - Rabbit Fur Russian Hat - White : Russian Rabbit Fur Hat - White Fur Russian Ushanka + Red Star badge

Rabbit Hat - White Fur Russian Ushanka + Red Star badge

Rabbit Hat - White Fur Russian Ushanka + Red Star badge


For the Royal and Vintage Feel – Wear Natural Rabbit Fur Hat

There are many types of ushanka made by a number of natural and artificial materials. You can buy mouton fur, sheepskin, beaver or rabbit fur hats to pronounce your own unique fashion statement. All the stylish and fashion conscious men and women have at least one warm winter hat in their wardrobes. You can also buy Russian winter hat to look beautiful and sophisticated this winter.
Warm winter hat collection by world-class designers include the shapka ushanka made by rabbit fur and sheepskin. Whenever the designers have to create unique fashions and styles, they take the help from the natural resources and materials. The designers throughout the history to create remarkable headgears and clothing items for the kings, queens and elites of the country have used rabbit and mouton fur. You can get men’s fur hat or unisex fur hat to stand apart in the crowd and feel like the royals did. You can get inspirations by visiting numerous online websites to buy the latest and trendiest headgears this season.
There are many types of rabbit fur quality and colors. You can buy black fur hat made with black rabbit skin or get the brown, grey, brown and white rabbit fur hats. You can also buy prints and intricate designs and patterns to look and feel different from the rest of the people. The high street style includes the Russian winter hats with bold animal prints. You can use tiger print to accentuate your style and increase confidence.
The way you wear your warm winter hat is another point of concern before buying the rabbit fur hats. If you love to wear casual clothes then fur hat become excellent headgear to coordinate with your relaxed style. You can wear the rabbit fur ushanka with semi or formal dresses. The men’s fur hat will not destroy your image at a corporate meeting and you can wear the hat when you are walking on the streets. You can also match gloves and scarves with your white, grey, red, yellow or black fur hat to look highly sophisticated and affluent.
No doubt, Cossack hat and other rabbit fur hat are symbolic to pride, affluence and power. People in Russia wore them to show their position and designation in the Russian society. From nomads to military men every on loves to wear the fur hats with earflaps to keep them protected against the elements.
In the ancient times, fur used to keep the hunters warm. Gradually, it became the source of earning when the rich and affluent people started wearing the fur accessories and clothing. In the last two decades, rabbit fur hats, black fur hat, Cossack hat and other types of men’s fur hat have became very popular for their immense benefits, hypoallergenic and fire resistant properties and insulation qualities. You can also get one for you and for your family, friends and boss. Surprise your loved ones with one of its kind Russian fur hat this season.

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