Russian Ushanka Hat : Russian Military Striped Shirt Telnyashka

Russian Military Striped Shirt Telnyashka

These are original Russian military uniform shirts. Dark blue stripes is NAVY uniform, Sky blue -Paratrooper ("VDV") uniform (airborne), red (maroon) stripes - MVD - internal troops, green stripes - border guard forces, black striped shirts - "naval infantry" - Russian marines.

Very stylish and comfortable stretchy knit. 100% cotton. High quality! It is also very popular among civilians. The cut and pattern of this shirt gives the illusion of broad shoulders and a thin waist, on both small and large bodies. Ideal Russian Souvenir - Russian Telnyashka! Ideal as an undershirt for sailors, fishermen and outdoorsmen. It is a very good original Russian army shirt of high quality, not a cheap fake. You will love this shirt!

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