Colorful Faux Fur Ushankas : Ushanka Hat - Fuchsia & Soviet Military Parade Badge

Ushanka Hat - Fuchsia & Soviet Military Parade Badge

Ushanka Hat - Fuchsia & Soviet Military Parade Badge


Russian Pink Fuchsia Faux Fur Ushanka Hat + Soviet Army Soldier Parade Badge Ladies Fur Hat.

Faux Fur Hat – One of the Coolest Commodities!

After enjoying worldwide popularity and fame, the beautiful and elegant headgear known as Russian ushanka is here. One of the hottest and coolest commodities the Russian fur hat is the best Christmas and New Year gift. Made by top fur and quality materials the shapka ushanka is part of the latest fashion trends in Paris, Milan and New York City.
What is it that makes this headgear so popular and one of the most fashionable item? The stylish features and character makes it a unique product. You can wear men’s fur hat and women ushanka in three beautiful styles. Wear the fur hat and tie the earflaps on top of your head. It used to represent the manly characteristics in Russia. Men of courage never left the earflaps hanging down or never tied them under the chin to prove they were strong. On the other hand, ladies’ fur hat with earflaps tied under the chin looked very glamorous. However, it is fully up to the person which way to prefer. Tie up on top of the head or under the chin and at the back of the head is entirely a personal favorite.
Men’s fur hat and women ushanka can be purchased easily on this website. It is hard to find them at traditional brick and mortar stores. You can go through various categories and select the faux fur hat to match with your wardrobe. You can buy classic Cossack hat or prefer a dainty various colors of faux fur hats to announce your own fashion statement. You can order for the unique badges that can be detached or attached easily. Create your own style this winter and block the cold from disturbing your peace of mind and health.

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