Mouton Sheepskin with Leather Russian Ushanka Hat : mens

Soviet Navy Hat - Mouton Sheepskin Ushanka - Black Fur

Soviet Navy Hat - Mouton Sheepskin Ushanka - Black Fur


High Grade Mouton Fur for Creating Russian Winter Hats

Best quality natural fur hat is dependent on the grading. The grading is very helpful to know the quality of sheepskin fur. The grading process is done after getting the fleece through a thorough inspection. The amount of seed contamination decides the grade. Highest quality leather or pelt has lowest or next to none seed contamination. The imperfections, scar tissues and holes in the sheepskin impact its worth and value. The length of fibers or wool is also significant in discerning upon its quality and grade.
Mouton fur is obtained when the sheepskin goes under a number of chemical treatments. The process includes the straightening of wool or fur and thermal setting. Thermal setting is helpful in knowing the ability of sheepskin fur to withstand the heat. During the chemical treatments, the fur is processed to become waterproof and friction is reduced. The dyed lambskin is used for making black fur hat and other military fur hat that resemble beaver or seal skin. Men’s ushanka are available in both long and short fur type. For the bomber or aviator we have high quality canvas or other type of materials used along with fleece lining.
Ushanka hat is famous for its unique style. Mouton fur hat or men’s ushanka has long or short earflaps. The earflaps are used for protecting the lower jaw line, chin, neck and the ears. The military fur hat used by the Soviet army provided protection against the severest of weather and other unpredictable elements. The men’s fur hat was once a part of the uniform of Soviet army more than a hundred years ago. And, it is still the part of Russian culture after the fall of Soviet Union. Ushanka never grew out of popularity and people around the world are now wearing the famous Russian fur hats to keep their individuality.
Besides the warmth and coziness, the mouton fur hat is popular for its unique design, earflaps and anti static properties. The best quality natural fur hat resists the flame and does not burn. It is very safe for the children, men and women to wear the sheepskin fur to ward off the effects of Siberian winter. Many other regions of the earth where temperature goes below the sub zero degrees the excellent quality of mouton fur provides perfect protection against the natural elements.
Sheepskin fur traps the air and keeps the head warm. The pelt keeps the wind from turning the head cold so men’s fur hat is perfect for windy climates. The material is known to last for ages and it has robust qualities. Military men in Russia, Finland, China, North Korea, USA and Canada wear them to remain comfortable and cozy in the coldest regions. You can also order the best quality natural fur hat for your son or friends. Military fur hat becomes unique and excellent gift item and souvenirs. You can also buy unisex fur hat for your wife, mom or girlfriend and give them a nice gift this Christmas.

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