Mouton Sheepskin - Full Fur - Premium Russian Hat : Premium Sheepskin Hat - Russian Ushanka - Black

Mouton Sheepskin Hat - Full Fur - Eagle Badge

Mouton Sheepskin Hat - Full Fur - Eagle Badge


Ushanka - Men’s Fur Hat – Symbol of the Russian Soul

Mouton fur is the French name or the fancy name for lambskin or sheepskin. Many people wear mouton fur coats and mouton fur hat in the winter. They are known to be extremely warm and comfortable.
Fur coats and hats are not a new trend or material and man has been using them for insulation and heat preservation since ages. Ushanka hats had been a part of military uniform of the former Soviet army. Men’s ushanka is not only a part of uniform but also an important aspect of Russian soul. Men’s fur hat had always remained a symbol of the elite and status conscious individuals have used best quality natural fur hat to mark their presence in the crowd.
Mouton fur is eco friendly and keeping in mind the fragility of our bodies in the changing environment natural fibers are more preferred over synthetic materials. Mouton fur hat made from sheepskin is biodegradable. All types of natural fibers are renewable. Natural fibers provide us protection and comfort. It has become an important part of the wardrobe of a modern and civilized man. Black fur hat with mouton fur fulfills all the requirements of fashionable men and women. From giving a distinctive style to securing the sensitive parts of the human body and protect against the elements, the sheepskin fur hat is very much popular.
Sheepskin fur, mouton fur comes from the farms. Almost 80% of human needs come from the farms while the rest of the 20% comes from the wild. Farms raise all types of furs that is used for creating the clothes and wild fur also plays good role in the clothing business. Mouton, French name for sheep is considered as the best for creating men’s ushanka and cold-weather protection clothes.
Mouton fur has many names and it is known as beaver lamb in England. Also called the sheepskin fur and used for making military fur hat the mouton is high quality fur material. The natural fibers are straightened with the help of a special process. The process includes the chemical treatments used for straightening the fibers. After straightening treatment, the mouton or sheepskin leather is thermally set. The water repellent finish is achieved after the thermal setting. Mouton is sent to the dyer to get beautiful shades to match with fashion clothing and accessories. It can be dyed black to make black fur hat or brown to look like a beaver fur. It is up to the choice of the designer and demand of the customer.
In order to make best quality natural fur hat, the mouton has to go through many processes and treatments. Sheepskin hat and mouton hats have many qualities and the price factor is dependent on the quality of natural fiber. Only the finest of natural fibers are selected to go through different processes including the heat setting and chemical treatments. The best quality mouton fur is made with selected lambskin with dense and uniform fur. In order to make the military fur hat for the officials it is necessary the sheepskin have to be of premium quality. You can visit the online collection at this website and order vintage men’s ushanka now. You can be sure that this hat is a top quality fur hat!

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