: Natural Sheep Wool Unisex Fluffy Slippers Sheepskin

Natural Sheep Wool Unisex Fluffy Slippers Sheepskin

Natural Sheep Wool Unisex Fluffy Slippers Sheepskin

100 % Natural Sheep Wool Unisex Slippers

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These are amazing slippers made from double 100% merino wool with soft leather sole, duplicated from the inside with footbed also made of wool. These slippers are very comfortable and warm. Top grade wool, soft to the touch and "do not bite." In a world where so many man-made materials, it is difficult for people who are allergic to "synthetics." Wool are friendly to humans, do not cause allergic reactions, are safe for children. Recommended as treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, varicose veins. Maintain constant body temperature, prevent sweating and absorb moisture. Wool fibers have lanolin coating, and are dirt-resistant. These fluffy shoes - a godsend for any cold climate. Feet are perfectly protected from the cold in them. There are a lot of biologically active acupuncture points on the feet that affect our health. Woolen footwear not only keeps your feet dry warm (feet do not sweat!), but also continuously carries a micro massage, which favorably affects the entire body. This is a great and unique gift for any winter holiday - New Year, Christmas, or just a gift for a loved one person who you care about. Suitable as warm slippers for men, women and of course children. This product is absolutely reliable protection for your family from cold drafts and colds. Sizes 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43 are available. Made in Ukraine by carpathian artisans.
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