Mouton Sheepskin - Full Fur - Premium Russian Hat : Mouton Sheepskin Russian Hat Full Fur

Mouton Sheepskin Full Fur Russian Hat with Soviet Army General Badge

Mouton Sheepskin Full Fur Russian Hat with Soviet Army General Badge


Ushanka hat made from mouton wool is a classic item. It also includes wool earflaps to keep the ears warm. The wool earflaps can be tied up or at the back of the head during the day. Wear the earflaps down to cover your neck, jaw line and ears in the evening. This will protect you from getting a cold and also keep you warm. Lined with thick padding and the quilted interior is very helpful in keeping you comfortable when cold wind blows. You can also protect your head from head injury by wearing thick padded hats.
Mouton is French word for sheep and sheepskin products of high quality are very much in demand throughout the world. Mouton is widely used in the manufacturing of hats and gloves. Russian fur hat - ushanka is made from mouton because of its insulating properties. Some of the other characteristics of mouton are to provide resistance against flame and static electricity. The wool is hypoallergenic and matches with the chemistry of human body. Sheepskin hats - Mouton men’s fur hat, woman Ushanka and kid’s fur hats are preferred over artificial fur hat. However, sheepskin or mouton hats are expensive to own by most of the mediocre families. Therefore, faux fur hat is a good solution also.

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