Mouton Sheepskin with Leather Russian Ushanka Hat : Russian NAVY Ushanka Hat - Black Mouton Sheepskin Fur & Leather Top

Russian NAVY Ushanka Hat - Black Mouton Sheepskin Fur & Leather Top

Russian NAVY Ushanka Hat - Black Mouton Sheepskin Fur & Leather Top


Black Natural Mouton Sheepskin Fur with Natural Leather top Russian NAVY Ushanka Hat

It is a generally known fact that fashion trends repeat through definite time intervals. It can be said about shoes, furniture, jewelry, decorations and of course about clothes and dressing accessories.
It may seem surprising, but there has appeared a strong demand for Russian ushanka hats lately. More and more people think that it is very trendy and fashionable to possess such a winter hat, which was many years ago worn by our glorious forefathers during severe Russian winters. Nowadays these head wears are acquired for men, women and kids with the purpose of staying warm and in fashion during nasty and windy days.
Of course, ushanka has modified greatly as time passed and today you can find these warm and extremely comfortable Russian hats in various styles and colors. But what is common for all mentioned modifications is that these hats have immanent ear flaps, not typical for other head wears. These flaps can either be tied up on the upper part of the hat or they can simply be put down to provide maximal warmth and comfort for your ears.
ushanka hats can be made out of various materials and their prices vary greatly, depending on the quality of leather and fur, used to manufacture a hat. Black natural sheepskin (mouton) hats, having top part out of genuine leather are the most called for and high-grade articles. They are not worn out in the course of the time and such hats look as new ones even after several winters of constant wearing. What is even more important about black natural mouton fur and leather ushanka hat is that natural furs are the most comfortable and cozy materials that will do only good to your health.

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