Russian Army Hat - Mouton Sheepskin & Leather - NAVY & Grey : Fur Hat With Ear Flaps - Mens Winter Russian Ushanka

Winter Hat With Ear-Flaps - Russian Army Ushanka, Soviet Badge - Grey-Blue Sheepskin & Leather

Winter Hat With Ear-Flaps - Russian Army Ushanka, Soviet Badge - Grey-Blue Sheepskin & Leather


Today the fashion world is full of various novelties and stylish stuff, which can amaze you with the variety of colors, designs and forms. But still, usable and comfortable things are in better fame than pretty but useless fashion accessories. To such usable things we can refer Russian ushanka hats. This type of head-dress has firstly been designed for Soviet Union soldiers, though the analogue of such hat was found even earlier in Korea and China. The construction of ushanka hat helps to cope with bad weather conditions, what is very sufficient for Russian climate. The very word “ushanka” has Russian origin and can be translated as “hat with ear-flaps”. This is due to the hat design, which includes ear-flaps that can be tied at the bottom, at the back of the head of under the chin. This is very comfortable, as these three ear-flap positions can save you from strong wind and frost. Especially if you tie it under the chin, you will protect your cheeks and neck from wind.
Currently you can meet different variations of ushanka hat. But still classical Russian army ushanka hat is the best variant if you want a comfortable and warm hat or in case you want to make an original gift to your friend or colleague. Such hats are usually made of real or artificial fur, and look very stylish. You can wear an ushanka hat almost with any clothes and it will compliment your look. In the US ushanka hats became known only in early 90s after the collapse of the Soviet Union and now are very popular, especially in the regions with cold climate. So, if you want to amaze people with your style or make an interesting present – choose an ushanka hat for you and your friends.

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