Colorful Faux Fur Ushankas : Green Fur Hat

Green Fur Hat

Green Fur Hat


Artificial fur trapper hats are one of the hot items in the world of fashion today. They are stylish and warm. While speaking of the faux fur hat, Russian fur hat has it own importance in today’s world of style and glamour. These hats bring certain era in the memory of people. It belonged to a specific part of the world. These artificial hats have cultural and traditional importance to some people while others wear them to show their devotion for legendary Dostoevsky.
Russian winter hat is exclusively designed for cold climate. It is designed in a way that it protects the jaw, ear and back of the neck against chilled breezes. Since these hats are intended to protect ears, they are called Ushanka hat. Best part of the hat is that when you are in an area where climate is not that cold and where your ears and neck do not need any extra protection, you can fold the flaps of the hat in upward direction. You can also tie them at the back of the head to create another beautiful look.
The flaps of Russian fur hat used for the protection of neck are smaller in size. When they are folded upward they can remain there with out any support. However, flaps that protect ears and chin along with jaw line are comparatively bigger and need to be tied up.
When it comes to style the aviator hat has become popular in the fashion world. As fur is preferred by many designers to make trendy dresses for celebrities, Russian fur hat attracts them easily. For this reason, many artificial hats have been introduced in the market with wide range of styles and color schemes. Every winter, many fashion designers bring new designs using fur and artificial hats to bring new trends in the fashion world. In fact, Russian fur hat is an essential part of trooper hat family. You can see varieties of such hats on the models in the ramps during catwalk.
Ushanka hat or Bomber hat first came in the scene in 1870s. It was available in various designs. However, the basic concept was to cover ear, chin and neck. The bomber’s hat originally belongs to Russia and Germany where the pilots used to wear them during the wars. Rabbit fur was used as a common material when they first came into the fashion industry. Aviator hat that is similar to bomber hat was also very poplar during the World War II. They were made by sheepskin in those days, but nowadays they are made with various materials in order to reduce the price range. For people that love to wear bomber hats but avoid fur, can use faux fur hat that offer same comfort and style as if a genuine fur hat.
Today with the changing trends in fashion, many women and men are choosing Russian fur hat to match with their clothes and to add unique touch and stand apart in the social gatherings.

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