Mouton Sheepskin with Leather Russian Ushanka Hat : Ushanka Hat - Mouton Sheepskin & Leather + Eagle Badge

Ushanka Hat - Mouton Sheepskin & Leather + Eagle Badge

Ushanka Hat - Mouton Sheepskin & Leather + Eagle Badge


Men's Russian Military Black Natural Mouton Fur and Leather Ushanka Hat with 2-Headed Eagle Badge - Russian Imperial Crest.

If you want to define Russian ushanka you can say that in few words ‘headgear with ears’. Once known as the prestigious and classic head accessory of its time shapka ushanka has gained all the focus and attention of the fashion eccentrics and designers of present days.
Russian fur hat or ushanka hat is made with traditional love and mouton. Skin of lamb or sheepskin is used widely to create the one of its kind ushanka hat. If you want to express the sheepskin or mouton fur, you cannot describe with the help of words. You have to be in it to experience it. The feel and warmth associated with the fur is inexplicable. The fur can be long or shorthaired. Many sheepskins can have straight and flat texture while other may have a curly pattern. You can also find wavy sheepskin.
There are many qualities and grades of real fur. You can buy inexpensive men’s fur hat to expensive unisex fur hat. It is also possible that you have paid for the expensive material but in result, get inexpensive and cheap quality. It is also possible that you have paid for the real skin but get artificial fur hat in return. It is not that easy to spot the difference between the real or faux fur hats unless you have it inspected thoroughly. There are many online venders and companies but a very few of them are dealing with the genuine products.
You can rest assure as belongs to the minority group that deals with only genuine real fur ushanka and faux fur hat for men and women. You will get only what you have paid for.
There are many types and varieties of faux fur hat and real animal fur headgears. The industry is using many types sheepskin and they are graded according to their characteristics. The original color of mouton is off white but it can be dyed into any beautiful shade. Russian Ushanka made from lambskin is very durable, hypoallergenic and popular. Mouton hair after straightening is treated with the help of another process. By going through with different treatments the lamb hair, becomes very soft and comfortable. Mouton is considered to be the best quality lamb's wool.
Black fur ushankas are often made with rabbit fur. The natural fur goes through a number of processes to turn into unique Russian hat.
Faux fur hat collection is also available at our website. Many people prefer to buy artificial fur hat while others find their satisfaction in natural fibers. It is a fact that manmade fiber cannot posses the same feel, warmth and durability. You can find a large collection of men’s fur hat and ladies’ fur hat on this website and order according to your taste, size and preferences.
Natural high quality leather top. (Some other stores offer similar style hats that look the same, but made using cheap artificial leather instead).
Great for all kinds of outdoor activities during cold weather - sledding, snowboarding, skiing, hunting or anytime and anywhere you need to keep warm and be in style!

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