Black Fur Hat : Fur Hat - Rabbit Fur Ushanka - Black - Soviet Marine Badge

Fur Hat - Rabbit Fur Ushanka - Black with Soviet Marine Badge

Fur Hat - Rabbit Fur Ushanka - Black with Soviet Marine Badge


Most people didn’t know about Ushanka. Several are well familiar with this thing especially English people. Thus, they call it shapka. The hat for Russian called shapka. This is a kind of hat, which is fur-made or wool-made hat. Thus, hat made for men usually used in cold weather worldwide. Soviet soldiers wear this hat. However, there are evidences that this kind of hat is originated and design in Mongolia. In times of Mongolian battles during Middle Ages, many people believed that the Russian colony adopted the said hat with earflaps. For the past 11th century, a hat considered the integral part of a man’s attire for both poor and rich in Russia.

This Russian fur hat is cylindrical and circular shaped and worn above one’s ears. Thus, through its brim, its covers the front head right through the mid-forehead. During very cold and rainy weather, one can easily fold down the hat’s earflaps. Moreover, you have to secure one’s earflaps hat under your chin with its attached tie.

During the middle ages, this cossack hat and others are usually made from any available animal fur, which includes the fur of the fox, wolf and bear. The typical color of this hat is grey having red star at the center, which worn by the police or the Soviet Union military officers and members. The wearing of the said hat commemorates the founding of the Russian military officers, the police and the Soviet Union. Most of the noble men are wearing hat, which is decorated with ornaments or velvet. Ornaments are usually madeof jewels, gold or having fur rim.

This hat is not merely exclusive to the Russians and Soviet Union as well. Many people around the world now wear this. Especially is the Eastern European are wearing this kind of hat. Nowadays wearing of the hat with earflaps down considered unmanly in Russian. Women now wear this during the cold weather. It is now difficult to look for the vintage hat having Soviet badge in the United States. Sheepskin hat is merely expensive having the price of $70 to $100. Due to its uniqueness and authenticity, many of the painters and artists used this historical design, which is to influence their subject as their submission for the competition.

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