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Premium Quality Ushanka - Sheepskin Hat - Black - with Army Badge

Premium Quality Ushanka - Sheepskin Hat - Black - with Army Badge


Premium Quality Russian Fur Hat

Mouton fur or sheared sheepskin fur straightened and treated by using expensive chemicals and a number of treatments are used for creating high quality men’s fur hat - ushanka. The treatments and processes are helpful in setting the natural fiber. After the treatment, the fur feels soft on the skin. The processes also enable the best quality natural fur hat to be water-repellent. Furthermore, the color and glossy surface is the result of few more processes.
The wool count of the sheepskin is very important to discern upon the quality of fur. Many companies and manufacturers dye the fur to resemble the seal fibers or beaver skin. The fibers are dyed black to create one of the popular head accessories known as black fur hat. Many people prefer the natural color of fibers that can be dull white or off white.
Sheepskin fur has a leather side that is called the pelt and the woolen side or where you can see the long or short fibers is known as the fleece. Mouton fur or sheepskin fur is a known insulator and keeps the effects of severe cold and frosts away from the human body. Best quality natural fur hat is used by millions of people to protect them against the elements and you can buy mouton fur hat easily now on the internet. Go through numerous categories at our website to select and order. You will find many types of men’s ushanka, military fur hat with badges, black fur hat for men and women and many more.
The quality of mouton fur is very important and demands a close inspection of the pelt or leather and wool or fleece. If the fibers are, too long you may have low-grade leather or pelt so it is recommendable to buy all kinds of men’s ushanka and mouton fur hat by recognized supplier. You can buy military fur hat at this website to get the guaranteed, durable and perfect protection for your head, neck and chin.
Ushanka in Russia is popular headgear. You can buy bomber, trooper, trapper and aviator hats in many unique colors. You can have many benefits if you buy only the best quality natural fur hat that includes many of the medical reasons. Natural fiber from sheepskin is good heat preserver and hypoallergenic. Sheepskin or mouton fur after number of process and chemical treatments becomes water repellent. Carry very low or no friction at all and it is known as the most comfortable material.

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