Black Fur Hat : Black Ushanka Russian Red Star Badge

Faux Fur Hat - Russian Ushanka + Soviet Army Red Star Badge - Black

Faux Fur Hat - Russian Ushanka + Soviet Army Red Star Badge - Black


From Siberia to Alaska – Russian Ushanka!
Shapka ushanka holds much importance in the life of a Russian and Russian fur hat has remained popular throughout the history of Soviet Military since World War II. Up to the nineties, the Russian ushanka for men and women ushanka has remained a commodity more than a luxury. With a fantastic increase in demand and popularity of this headgear, it did not take much long to see unisex fur hat at numerous websites on the internet.
Internet is full of remarkable ideas and plethora of worthy deals. You can get the latest news and innovative household to wardrobe accessories. Men’s fur hat and ladies’ fur hat is one of most wanted head accessories by the online users. It is hard to access the reliability of materials and products on the internet but it is not that difficult to distinguish between good and poor quality. Rather than wasting money at cheap quality fur products you can ask us to deliver the best quality head accessories including the badges.
With the fall of Soviet Union, the constraints and inhibitions came to an end. It took a little time for the popularity of ushanka hat to reach the Alaskan cold regions from the Siberian wildernesses. Shapka ushanka is the latest craze and fashion. You can see men, women and children wearing vintage Cossack hat, aviator hat trooper (trapper) hat to look up to date and modern. Men's fur hat and women ushanka have same common features and characteristics. The only difference can be the color. A woman can enjoy wearing brightly colored faux fur hat that coordinates with her colorful personality and wardrobe. While men can match, black fur hat to their business attire and enjoy the sober charm. Unisex fur hat is for any one: young, old, or children.
With the opening of the global borders on the internet, the uninhibited flow of the headgears, head accessories and trade has seriously flourished. Shapka ushanka along with many other stylish headgears hold the privileged position of trendy head accessory. You can often meet individuals in a large city wearing Russian fur hat nowadays. There is no exception of military men or Militia and everyone can wear the Russian ushanka hats.
Since 1940, ushanka or Russian fur hat remained a part of the Soviet army and police uniform. Either of the Russian male who were cops or in the army benefited from the advantages of Russian fur hat or ushanka. The men’s fur hat became the icon or symbol of Russian men when the shapka ushanka was used in the movies and caricatures.
Ushanka – the winter black faux fur hat, leather, cloth and fur combined or just faux fur with earflaps is a wide-known hat throughout the world. The "ears" or earflaps can be lowered or keep them up and tie on the back of the head or on the crown. The ears of men’s fur hat and women ushanka can save the real ears from severe cold effects of frost. The Russian fur hat can partially protect the chin, nape of nack and lower jaw line of the person wearing the hat.

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