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Black Fur Hat

Black Fur Hat


In the coldest regions where the blizzards can harm your body and the cold temperature can freeze your blood you need something to get maximum protection and warmth. You can wear warm clothes to protect your body from getting a cold but when it comes to the headgears you will need Russian Ushanka. Shapka Ushanka is one and the same thing and popular throughout the world. In the coldest regions of Canada, China, Antarctica or any other part of the world Russian fur hat and accessories are equally popular.
Unisex fur hat provides warmth and style. You can wear your black fur hat to suit with most of your wardrobe. Brimless cossack hats are made of sheepskin, rabbit or from artificial fur. Many people wear the faux fur hats when it is very cold. The main thing about this type of Russian fur hat is that it does not clash with your business attire. You can tuck them into your bag or briefcase and also can put them in the pocket of your overcoat.
Faux fur pronounced as “Foe” is a French word. It means ‘Not real’. Faux fur hat represent mouton fur and it is very hard to tell the difference between them. If you are one of those people who do not want the animals to get killed for the sake of hats, gloves and accessories then artificial fur is the best solution for you. Artificial fur hat also provides warmth and protection like the mouton wool and available in many beautiful colors. Simply browse through the categories and find the perfect Russian fur hat for you or any of your family members. You can order now for a variety of Russian Ushanka with or without badges and other accessories.

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